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Faux Freckles

With the hottest months just around the corner, it’s time to retire the full coverage foundations and heavier products to leave room for a fresh, sun-kissed complexion.
Nothing says summer like a luminous skin with a sprinkle of freckles across the nose and cheeks – there is something undeniably youthful and innocent-looking about it.
Unfortunately not all of us are naturally blessed with real ones, but makeup can come to our rescue.

The “faux freckle” trend has been around for a couple of years now, and here’s a few very easy techniques to give yourself that beautiful, effortless look.

Looking a pictures of real freckles, you will notice that they come in all shapes and sizes, different colours and random patterns.
Randomness is key to achieve a realistic effect.
You will want to pick cool toned browns, of different depths depending on your skin tone.
Brow products normally work really well as they tend to have an ashier undertone, as opposed to warm or reddish.

Step 1:

Apply your base. Bearing in mind that this will look more believable on barely-there foundation, keep it as sheer and natural as your feel comfortable with. Refrain from powdering or, if you need to, use a very minimal amount of translucent powder only where needed. We want a dewy, slightly wet base.

Step 2:

Choosing your product. One of the best products to use is tinted eyebrow gel in a cool toned brown. Scoop some of if on the back of your hand and have a liner brush ready to apply it.
Alternatively, scrape a little bit of eyeshadow/ eyebrow powder in a similar shade on a palette and mix it with a drop of water or make-up setting spray. You want it to be fluid but still pigmented.

Step 3:

Freckling. Using an eyeliner bush, start dotting across your nose.
Make four or five dots, keeping the product fairly thick, then gently press your finger over it and move it to the surrounding areas, using tapping motions. This will pick up some of the product and transfer it, almost like a stamp. Keep applying and tapping, until happy with the result. That’s a quick and easy way of replicating the layering and colour variation of natural freckles.

Step 4:

Forget symmetry and precision – we want the opposite. Change the pressure to create dots of different shapes and sizes and keep the placement as random as you can – there will be clusters and areas with barely anything. Some freckles will be darker than others.
If needed you can go back with your bush when you are mostly done to add a few strategic ones here and there.

Freckles mostly occur across the nose and cheeks, however there is no rule.
Adding a few through the eyebrows and above the lips can add to the illusion.
Have fun and embrace a fresh faced summer!