Francesco Lo Cascio is one of the most talented and passionate makeup artists I have known.
We worked together during a master class of my school, London Make Up Institute.
In addition to his brilliant make up skills, he is a true professional.
Always most caring to all students. We would love to have him back for more future master classes.

Joanna Mitakidou

London Make Up Institute
Thessaloniki, Greece

I would like to thank you all the work that Francesco has done with me in the past months while learning
how to become a good makeup artist.He is the style of teacher anyone would love.
Funny,thoughtful, easy when explaining complexity the of beauty, but exigent with results.
He shows me that with so many people trying to get good clients , become a make up artist isn´t
easy nowadays . Although the clients are demanding, however, he teach me how to look for
excellence rather than just work or being good doing it. His style, his long experience
and knowledge make Francesco one of the best teacher a ever had.
I love him. At present I’m working in Barcelona and learning with him it makes the difference
when working with other makeup artist. His “touch” is always warranty of success.

Verónica Sierra

My week with Francesco for the Beginner course was absolutely fantastic.
I deliberated for weeks over which school to go with and was so confused,
but was recommended to Francesco through a friend. The course is lovely in particular
because the numbers were small, so we really had Francesco’s full attention, and could
see the demo’s really clearly. I was really nervous on the Monday morning, but was out at ease
very quickly and loved every minute. There was a lot packed into the week but it didn’t feel rushed.
We covered a lot of looks and I learnt so much. Francesco is a lovely person, passionate about
what he does, completely knows his stuff, the industry and is ever the professional.
I would recommend this course without a shadow of a doubt!!!

Now I’m working as makeup artist for a very well known makeup company and truly
I can’t wait to come back for the Intensive course!

Martina Cucinotta

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