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Your Job As A Makeup Artist

Your creative, successful and exciting career as a makeup artist starts today.

At Studio50 we provide you with the tools you need to go on to have the career you’ve always dreamed of. This includes teaching everything you need to know, including helping you to get a foot in the door of this competitive industry. Today a career as a makeup artist is more varied and creative than ever before – one minute you might be providing makeup for an entire bridal party, the next you’re on set of a Hollywood movie creating gory and bloody looks.

Your career path

Everyone has to start somewhere, and often getting started is the hardest part. Taking that leap of faith and starting your training to follow a cosmetic career will be the best move you ever make, enabling you to live a life where your work is your passion. Whether you want to go into film and television or fashion and editorial makeup, we can support you every step of the way. At Studio50 we set you up to start a successful career as a makeup artist. We provide up-to-date and advanced training, work experience and career guidance. You’ll learn from makeup artists who live and breathe the industry and who have built their own successful careers. This provides you with everything you need to land your first makeup artist job and build from there.


What you can expect to earn

Many makeup artists enter into this career due to their love of what they do. To make it in this industry you have to have passion and you have to have flair, but you can also make really good money doing what you love. Jobs in beauty aren’t well known for paying well, but in choosing the right path and working hard you could see yourself earning a highly respectable salary. Whether you a choose freelance makeup artist job, or you work for a brand or business, as a makeup artist the earning potential is endless. If you opt to become a freelance makeup artist, when you are newly-qualified you can expect to earn around £100 per day. A senior makeup artist can earn around £500 per day, and the very top makeup artists can earn up to £3,000 per day.


If you choose to work for a salary, the average salary for a makeup artist job according to PayScale is £20,574. The starting salary is expected to be around £14,000, going up to £36,000 for more experienced makeup artists. Of course if you choose to become a freelance makeup artist, the earning opportunities are endless. As you gain more skills and more experience, you can charge £500 upwards per day.




As you can see, it is possible to build a highly successful career in the makeup artistry industry. Allow us to give you best start possible, with professional training and support from experienced makeup artists at Studio50.